Verb tenses


We know that the most important part of every language is the verb. Knowing just 50-70 verbs will allow you to understand 75% of everything that you can hear in everyday life. In this post we will review verb tenses.

Click here to open Verb tenses grammar table in PDF format.

22 verbs

Once you’ve got familiar with the verbs grammar table, you need to learn how to use this table in a right way. You need to use it for 5 minutes every day for 14 days. When studying foreign languages, the main thing is to learn to speak automatically, without thinking about grammar. Do you think about grammar when speaking your native language?

In order to understand 75% of the conversation in another language, you need to learn 50-60 most popular verbs (see Topp 1000 Svenska ord).

Here are we are publishing 22 of them – click to open it in PDF file format. Many verbs are given in pairs (antonyms). So it’s easier to remember.
Good luck!
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Verbs grammar table

Verbs table
We now begin to publish the grammar tables that are being used by professional linguists to learn the language in a short time. Tables help you to master any language in 20 lessons!
1. The verb. Use the correct form of the verb as described in in the grammar table. For example: Jag pratade (svenska) igår. Jag pratar. Jag ska prata. Pratade du igår? Pratar du (svenska)? Ska du prata? Jag pratade inte igår. Jag pratar inte. Jag ska inte prata.

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