We’re happy to welcome you to unique and only SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) Introduction course on  Saturdays!!! At our best knowledge nobody else (until we last checked in December 2017) is offering SFI course on Saturdays.

If you are the same busy working person as I’m, this class is for you!

The course is offered under umbrella of the official, certified provider of SFI (Swedish for Immigrants). It is free of charge for participants.

Course information:
Time: Saturdays, 10:00 – 12:00
Venue: Kaliforniegatan 4 (upstairs), 252 25 Helsingborg
Course level: for beginners – Introduction (also called “A”) and B.
Price: SFI is free of charge for participants, but you need to sign up for it at SFI-centrum. Please follow the link to official Helsingborg.se web-site to read more about SFI and how to apply. When applying, please choose “Jensen SFI” company and mark / write “Saturday course”.
Teacher: Julia – teacher of foreign languages by education, have learned Swedish herself and now teaching “new-comers”. Julia knows well how to teach foreign languages and putting a lot of effort to make Saturday class as effective as possible. It is a challenge to learn Swedish in such a short time frame. So lessons are quite intensive! Be ready to work hard within those 2 hours and take some homework as well.

You can join our course any time, so feel free to sign up . It is typically takes SFI-centrum couple of weeks to process your application.

Best regards,

P.S.: Have a look into “Study Online” for selection of free, online materials to learn Swedish.

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