Food shopping. Handla mat.

Food shopping. Handla mat.

Once you learned how everyday use products called in Swedish, it is time to go shopping to buy some food and groceries! In this video, you will watch the groceries shopping situation and listen to the typical dialogues.  Read the text in Swedish below (with English translation).

 Source:, video by SVENSKA FÖR ALLA

 -Hej! Vi ska gå och handla. -Hello! We will go shopping.
 -I en affär. Häng med! -In a store. Come along!
 -Här kan man ta en vagn eller korg. -Here can take a cart or basket.
 -Vi tar en korg. -We take a basket.
 -Här har vi bröd. -We have bread.
 -Bröd. -Bread.
 Här har vi frukt och grönsaker. Here we have fruits and vegetables.
 Glöm inte avokadon! Do not forget avocado!
 Här har vi mejeriprodukter. Here we have dairy products.
 Här har vi köttdisken. Here we have the meat dish.
 Vi ska ha kött. We want meat.
 -Men vad ska Vi ha? -But what should we have?
 Vi har nöt och vi har kyckling. We have beef and we have chicken.
 Vad sägs om nöt? How about nuts?
 Nu ska vi gå till kassan. Now we will go to checkout.
 -Nu ska vi betala. -Now we will pay.
 -Det blir 170 kr, tack. – It will be 170 kr, please.
 Vi kan betala kontant… We can pay in cash …
 eller med kort. or by card.
 -Vi tar kontant. -We take cash.
– Tack. -Thanks.
– Här är ditt kvitto. -This is your receipt.
– Glöm inte kvittot. – Do not forget the receipt.
 Nu ska vi packa våra varor. Now we will pack our goods.
 Vi behöver en påse. We need a bag.
 Hej då! Bye!

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