Personal Pronouns / Personliga Pronomen

Personal Pronouns / Personliga Pronomen

To start with, read and learn 9 personal pronouns: jag, du, han, hon, den, det, vi, ni, de.

 jag I
 du you (singular)
 han he
 hon [hun] she
 den / det it
 vi we
 ni you (plural)
 de [dom] they

Please pay attention to “den” and “det” – which one to use is depending on noun form. It could be “en” or “ett” type of noun. You will learn about it in a later stage!

Watch the video to listen how to pronounce those pronouns:

Source of video:, by  Maria Milton

Now it is time to test your knowledge by this simple game  or this, a bit more advanced game.

Here you can also see and listen to examples of personal pronouns use. Click “STARTA” or “ÅTERSTÄLL” below to play the recording.

Source:, Safir

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