My family. Min familj.

My family. Min familj.

Watch and listen the video introducing to the subject of family. Read the words below. Talking about family members in Swedish is a bit more complicated then in English, as it differs if grandma is from father or mother side.

Source:, video by  SVENSKA FÖR ALLA

 fru wife
 man husband
 barn child(ren)
 son son
 dotter daughter
 bror brother
 syster sister
 syskon sibling
 mamma mother
 pappa father
 föräldrar parents
 barnbarn grandchild(ren)
 farfar grandfather (from father side)
 farmor grandmother (from father side)
 morfar grandfather (from mother side)
 mormor grandmother (from mother side)
 släkt relative
 släktingar relatives

Test your knowledge with this game: Min Familj

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